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Court sessions for Today

Case NumberCase NameRoomBuildingTime
S1300CR202400116HARLAND, ZACHARY TYLER301 Prescott Courthouse10:00 AM
S1300JV202400112 3-127 Juv Just Ctr10:00 AM
S1300DO202480046CHAPMAN, CLINT133 Camp Verde SC10:30 AM
S1300DO202480046CHAPMAN, SAMANTHA133 Camp Verde SC10:30 AM
V1300DO201880229MCCLUNG, RYAN SCOTT133 Camp Verde SC10:30 AM
V1300DO201880229WILLIAMS, MELISSA MENIKOS133 Camp Verde SC10:30 AM
V1300DO201880241GORE, LAURA ANN133 Camp Verde SC10:30 AM
V1300DO201880241MCCLUNG, RYAN SCOTT133 Camp Verde SC10:30 AM
V1300DO202080231LYONS, CLAUDETTE RENEE133 Camp Verde SC10:30 AM
V1300DO202080231ROY, MATTHEW RICHARD133 Camp Verde SC10:30 AM
V1300DO202080234DAIGLE, JOHN ROBERT133 Camp Verde SC10:30 AM
V1300DO202080234LYONS, CLAUDETTE RENEE133 Camp Verde SC10:30 AM
V1300DO202280194SCHOLL, TYLER DAVID133 Camp Verde SC10:30 AM
V1300DO202280194VILLAMIZAR, BEATRIZ E133 Camp Verde SC10:30 AM
S1300CR202300618WELFENBERG, TERRY LEE301 Prescott Courthouse11:00 AM
S1300JV202400228 3-127 Juv Just Ctr11:00 AM
S1300JV202400233 3-127 Juv Just Ctr11:00 AM
S1300JV202300226 3-127 Juv Just Ctr1:15 PM
S1300JV202300264 3-127 Juv Just Ctr1:15 PM
V1300DO201980096BLOCK, JONATHON D133 Camp Verde SC1:30 PM
V1300DO201980096ROSENKRANZ, ALEXANDRA133 Camp Verde SC1:30 PM
S1300CV202400264MEDEVIELLE, RACHEL G.301 Prescott Courthouse1:30 PM
S1300CV202400264WELLS FARGO BANK N.A.301 Prescott Courthouse1:30 PM
S1300DO202400062MELHUS, BETTINA S304 Prescott Courthouse1:30 PM
S1300DO202400062MELHUS, STEVEN304 Prescott Courthouse1:30 PM
P1300JV202200319 3-127 Juv Just Ctr1:30 PM
S1300JV202300280 3-127 Juv Just Ctr1:30 PM
S1300JV202300294 3-127 Juv Just Ctr1:30 PM
S1300JV202300309 3-127 Juv Just Ctr1:30 PM
S1300JV202300383 3-127 Juv Just Ctr1:30 PM
S1300JV202400097 3-127 Juv Just Ctr1:30 PM
S1300JV202400174 3-127 Juv Just Ctr1:30 PM
S1300JV202400188 3-127 Juv Just Ctr1:30 PM
S1300JV202400189 3-127 Juv Just Ctr1:30 PM
S1300JV202400190 3-127 Juv Just Ctr1:30 PM
S1300JV202400207 3-127 Juv Just Ctr1:30 PM
S1300JV202400208 3-127 Juv Just Ctr1:30 PM
S1300JV202400209 3-127 Juv Just Ctr1:30 PM
S1300JV202400210 3-127 Juv Just Ctr1:30 PM
S1300JV202400212 3-127 Juv Just Ctr1:30 PM
S1300JV202400219 3-127 Juv Just Ctr1:30 PM
S1300JV202300116 3-127 Juv Just Ctr2:00 PM
S1300JV202300206 3-127 Juv Just Ctr2:00 PM
S1300JV202300216 3-127 Juv Just Ctr2:00 PM
S1300JV202300223 3-127 Juv Just Ctr2:00 PM
S1300JV202300312 3-127 Juv Just Ctr2:00 PM
S1300JV202300321 3-127 Juv Just Ctr2:00 PM
S1300JV202400168 3-127 Juv Just Ctr2:00 PM
S1300JV202400191 3-127 Juv Just Ctr2:00 PM
S1300JV202400192 3-127 Juv Just Ctr2:00 PM
S1300JV202400193 3-127 Juv Just Ctr2:00 PM
S1300JV202400197 3-127 Juv Just Ctr2:00 PM
S1300JV202400200 3-127 Juv Just Ctr2:00 PM
S1300JV202400201 3-127 Juv Just Ctr2:00 PM
S1300JV202400205 3-127 Juv Just Ctr2:00 PM
S1300JV202400211 3-127 Juv Just Ctr2:00 PM
V1300CR202180521GALLOWAY, GENE301 Prescott Courthouse3:00 PM
V1300CR202180523GALLOWAY, GENE301 Prescott Courthouse3:00 PM

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