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Online Poll Worker Application/Questionnaire

Upcoming Elections

Primary - August 2, 2022† (Online training begins in July. In person training is projected for the week of July 18)
General - November 8, 2022† (Online training begins in October. In person training is projected for the week of October 24th.)
†Election dates subject to change through proclamation by Governor or Legislative action.

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Election Day is a long day, starting at 5:30 a.m. and ending after all work is complete, typically 9:00 p.m. Poll workers cannot leave their Vote Center until the election is closed that night.

Are you willing and able to work 15+ hours on Election Day?

How far are you willing to travel to your assignment on Election Day?

Have you ever served in any capacity as a Spanish language interpreter?

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Do you have any work limitations?

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Technology Questionnaire

The following information will help us determine your abilities as it relates to election technology. Please be honest in your answers. Being unfamiliar with technology does not disqualify you for an election worker position, as training is provided for all positions.

Select the answer that best matches your experience or usage.

1. What do you use a computer for most often?

(Check all that apply.)

If answered "Other" above, please explain:

2. When you purchase a new piece of technology (ex. computer, cell phone, TV, wireless router, etc.), do you prefer to do the initial set-up yourself or have someone else do it for you?

3. Have you ever changed the ink/toner in a printer?

4. Have you ever corrected a paper jam in a printer?

5. When using your email, can you download and save an attachment?

6.When using your email, can you attach a file to outgoing mail?

7. Are you comfortable using a touchscreen or kiosk, such as an ATM or the self-checkout at a store?

8. Have you ever called tech support for a personal device (computer, phone, internet, etc.) and had them successfully talk you through troubleshooting an issue?

9. Are you able to use a device that has a small display screen or small keyboard keys (ex. cellphone, calculator, etc.)?

10. How comfortable are you with using a tablet or smartphone?

11. How comfortable are you when adapting to new technology?

12. Are you interested in the opportunity to learn how to use new election technology?